Who organizes WODCELONA?

Two years ago, Marc Gil, founder of Limited Edition Athletes and Wodapalooza champion in 2017, proposed a project to a group of friends: he wanted to organize an international Crossfit competition in the city of Barcelona.

But he wasn’t talking about just any competition. He was talking about a professional, fun and inclusive event because it would have able-bodied categories and adaptive categories. Something never seen in Europe!

And since we are athletes and challenges motivate us a lot, we decided to join him in this exciting adventure. This is how WODCELONA Fitness & Community Festival started.


WODCELONA is one of the projects created by Limited Edition Athletes

Limited Edition Athletes (LEA) is a non-profit organization that works to promote functional fitness adapted to people with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

Sport is considered non-inclusive if it is not adapted to the needs of all type of people. But, fro instance, CrossFit is a discipline that allows the adaptation of exercises whatever the condition of the person who practices it. That’s why LEA uses Crossfit as a mecanism to avoid exclusion.

Since 2016, its objectives are:


Raise awareness in society and in the sport field so that all together create a more inclusive world without any type of barriers.


Help people in their development so that they reach their maximum degree of physical, emotional and social well-being


Spread their way of working so that it can be replicated in Crossfit and in other disciplines.



The Adaptive Sessions are sessions of training, where athletes with a physical, sensory and/or intellectual disability, are guided and helped by volunteers to make sure they work out in a more efficient and secure way.

Reps Against Cancer

Reps Against Cancer is a project coordinated with the anesthesiology department of Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, ​​where patients in oncological processes work out in a BOX to improve its functional condition and reduce possible complications after surgery, as well as improve the quality of life of patients before and after the surgery.


Dr. Maria Rosa Gutierrez, in collaboration with l’Ajuntament de Magrat de Mar, launched at the beginning of 2020 a care program for elderly people, in which LEA develops their functional fitness program.

Sport events

LEA has attended several high-level sport events, such as 2018-2019 Spartan Race, 2022 Wodapalooza, Zürich Barcelona Marathon… Always with the aim of giving athletes with any type of disability the opportunity to participate.


LEA helped CrossFit, to develop their Adaptive division in the Crossfit Open. Besides, LEA also collaborates with other organizations which aim is also implementing this category in other competitions.


LEA also provides trainings, talks and seminars at national and international level on Adapted CrossFit to people who work in sport field. Also hold team building activities to raise awareness on functional diversity and training for the LEA volunteers.


Donate and help to achieve more accessible spaces for everyone

Did you know? In Spain there are…
1,840,700 people with disabilities
With ages between 16- 64
Which represents 6.12% of the total population
*Data from Informe Olivenza in 2018


Mark a turning point in an athlete's with a disability life

Diseases do not know about gender, age, status, or lifestyle and the reality is that any day you you may have a disability. Would you like to be excluded because of your condition? Your donation can mark turning point in the world and change the lives of many people. No matter the amount, it matters that we are many and many to continue adding and make our world a place more inclusive.

You can collaborate with LEA and all its projects by participating as an athlete in Wodcelona or, if you cannot attend, by making a donation to the event.



The money helps LEA to continue working to improve the quality of life of people at risk or in a situation of vulnerability through sport.
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With only 5€ you can help that
two cancer patients
have access to
nutritional supplement rich in
protein after their
workout in Reps Against

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With only 10€ you can help 3 elderly people in a situation of loneliness so they can train for a month in a group and get out of isolation, improving their physical, emotional and social health.
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With only 15€ you can help an athlete with a disability to work out for a whole month.
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With only 20€ you can help 5 young people at risk or in a situation of social exclusion to get transfered from their homes to the center of training, improving their social integration and promoting a healthy and an active life.

If you are still not sure, we can definitively help you!

In Spain, with a donation to Limited Edition Athletes (LEA), which it is a non-profit organization of public utility, you can deduct 80% of the donations (up to €150) you made during the exercise of the income. Donate is a small word, but with a very big outcome.
Thanks for your interest. We do not want you to be left with doubts, so you can visit the official website of Limited Edition Athletes www.limitededitionathletes.com where you will find all the information you need.
Thank you very much for your interest and of course you can! At LEA we have opportunities for everyone. Visit the official Limited Edition Athletes website for more information.

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